“Iranian Visual Art Studio & Training Centre”



Iranian art Training Classes tutorials

● classes to introduce Iranian culture through Iranian art such as: Iranian
painting, drawing classes, calligraphy, Iranian ceramics, sculpture,


Art exhibitions


● Art galleries for different artist from Iran, Canada Russia or any other member countries in “Eurasian Art Union”
● Manage events for Canadian artist in Russia and Rassian artist in Canada




Including all stages from Idea to implementation



Designing and Illustrating services including:


● greeting cards,
● posters,
● books,
● graphic novels,
● storyboards,
● magazines, newspapers, shirts
● Children Book Illustration
● Illustrations for Kids Furniture
● Illustrations for Corporate T-Shirts
● Illustration for Postcards
● Illustration for Interior Designers and Decorators
● Interior design


Art Murals including


● School Wall Murals
● Residential Art Murals



NOVIN ART WORLD INC. offers Illustrator, visual art services, and Art Training Classes such as painting classes. Our company also provides Iranian visual art classes for not only Iranian community, but also other nationalities and Canadian as well. Iranian Visual Arts has always been one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many traditional disciplines including architecture, painting, literature, music, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stonemasonry.
The illustration may be intended to clarify complicated concepts or objects that are difficult to describe textually, which is the reason illustrations are often found in children’s books. Illustration is the art of making images that work with something and add to it without needing direct attention and without distracting from what they illustrate. The other thing is the focus of attention, and the illustration’s role is to add personality and character without competing with that other thing.
We work primarily to bring knowledge of Iranian artistic and creative concepts to students understanding artistic concepts of Iranian Art as well as other countries’ art in various types of visual communication, including drawing, painting, ceramics, and design.


(Professional Category)

● Associate Member, Eurasian Art Union(EAU), Moscow- Russia, 2019



(ID member 337)


● Associate Member, Association ofArtist Trade Union of Russia, Moscow – Russia, 2019



(ID member 1909018)

Additional Information


My Company In Iran


Self-employed & Founder
Donaye Novin Honar Art Institute, (2019 to Present)

Fakhrisadat Hosseini was founded Donaye Novin Honar Art Institute in Bojnord in the province of North of Khorasan in Iran in May 2019. The institute’s activity is in Visual Arts including Showcase exhibitions, held master classes and workshops as well as art classes for students of different ages. Selling art works is the other part of Donaye Novin Honar.

• Planning and management of the showcasing different galleries
• Managing and Ensuring the installation of the works of arts in the exhibition space
• Supervising the arrangement for the transport and storage
• Conducting the arrangement for loans with other art galleries
• Managing inventory
• Providing information to the visitors
• Networking with art collectors and artists
• Supervising the technical team regarding the gallery’s website and social media accounts
• Arranging writing press releases
• Negotiating sales with clients
• Hiring and managing the administrative staff
• Providing supervision as well as mentoring, training, development, and performance management of the graphic design team.
• Hiring and scheduling the art teachers
• Managing the schedule and setting deadlines for both courses and exhibitions
• Consults with internal clients to determine the artistic approach and how to best represent an idea visually
• Assess graphic design needs for all advertorial, marketing and editorial projects
• Organizes and oversees the work and schedules of graphic designers


Books and Articles Published



• Hosseini, Fakhrisadat, ” Design Culture and Quality of Life”- Project Culture and Quality of Life magazine, Moscow, Russia, 2015
• Hosseini, Fakhrisadat, an article published in international Journal of Vestnik (code: ISSN 1997-0809), pronounced as professional artist in Russia, 2018
• Hosseini, Fakhrisadat, “A Study on the Reflection of Culture in Jalil Ziapour’s and Ahmad Esfandiari’s Paintings”, Kaj Internet Cafe (, Iran, 2018
• Hosseini, Fakhrisadat, 6 artworks in Spring Catalogue, Moscow exhibition, Russia, 2017
• Hosseini, Fakhrisadat, 3 artworks in She-Who International Catalogue, Russia, 2015
• Hosseini, Fakhrisadat, an artworks in OYA Catalogue, Moscow exhibition, Russia, 2014






➢ International license in Fine Arts from Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization in 2019
➢ ITC license in Innovative teaching methods of CBT from Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization in 2019
➢ PHD in Culture & Art, Moscow State Art and Cultural University, Moscow, Russia, 2018
➢ Post Graduate Diploma in Cultural Studies, Moscow State Institute of Culture, Moscow- Russia, 2018
➢ Master’s Degree with Honours in Design, Moscow State Institute of Culture, Moscow- Russia, 2015
➢ Bachelor’s Degree in Painting- General Painting, Islamic Azad University, Tehran-Iran, 2012






The CEO’s level of proficiency in English isprofessional.Thismeansinordertobeable to communicate in English fluently she does not have any problems. Due to her cooperation with other nationalities artists and managers she is able to communicate easily and connect to the other people.



Because of her background, she’s proficient in Persian.HerknowledgeofPersiancanbe beneficial to herandthecompanyassheplanstoliveinVancouverwherethereisalarge Iranian community. This means that she will be able to attract customers from this community. This could give her an edge especially at the start.



Ms. Hosseini has a highlevelofRussianlanguageskill.Basedonherlanguagestudiesin Russia she will be able to have connections with russian community in Canada. Ms. Fakhrisadat has studied in Russia in two different fields as well.




CEO/Director: Fakhrisadat Hosseini