Iranian art Training

NOVIN ART WORLD INC. shall provide Illustrations and Visual Art services for;
❏ Iranian art Training Classes ❏ Iranian painting, drawing classes ❏ Iranian ceramics, sculpture, printmaking ❏ advertisements, ❏ greeting cards, ❏ posters, ❏ books, ❏ graphic novels, ❏ storyboards, ❏ technical communications, ❏ magazines, shirts, ❏ video games, ❏ Tutorials, ❏ newspapers


NOVIN ART WORLD INC. shall adopt a hybrid as well as the traditional marketing techniques to promote its business including but not limited to;
– Social Media Presence
– Business Website
– Listing Business in Local Yellow Pages and Similar Platforms
– Advertisements in Newspaper and Magazines
– Hosting and Sponsoring Relevant Industry Events
– Corporate Networking
– Direct Approach to the Clients
– Strategic Partnerships